VIDEOS Robert Wait Music and Sound Design Reel 1 poster frame

Robert Wait Music and Sound Design Reel 1

Here's a quick look at some recent Film and TV work.  I did all music, recording, sound design, and mixing on each of these except the Zombie Opening, which is part of a short movie I also directed, shot, and edited, and "Prehistoric Monsters Revealed", where I only did the music.  

I'll post more work from other shows in the near future, but if you'd like to see or hear anything specific from my RESUME, please let me know.  (Also check my Film/TV Audio page for audio clips from other shows).

If the full video takes too long to load on your system, I've broken it down into individual scenes below:

Zombie Opening cemetery poster frame

Zombie Opening (from a short movie I made)


Robot Land poster frame 

Robot Land Theme Park Teaser


CodeBlack poster frame

CodeBlack Logo


Prehistoric Monsters end wrap skull poster frame 

Prehistoric Monsters Revealed "End Wrap Up"


Prehistoric Monsters Revealed  

Prehistoric Monsters Revealed "The Sea"


A Christmas Carol Interactive Game poster frame

A Christmas Carol Interactive Game


Iguana Logo poster frame 

Iguana Digital Logo



GringoMan temp animatic with Score and Full Mix

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Robert Wait Tin Man Alley

Also Known For:

Alien Autopsy Cover - Music by Robert Wait Fallen Cover Prehistoric Monsters Revealed cover Modern Marvels Cover Ghost cover The Desert View cover

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  • Started my career in the film business
  • A Trip to Nepal as a documentary filmmaker inspired greater focus on Songwriting
  • Began writing Songs and Scores for Movies, TV, Other Artists
  • Released 1st CD under "band" name Tin Man Alley
  • Released 2nd CD as Robert Wait
  • Both CD's won awards and garnered many placements in Film and TV
  • 13 Songs currently represented by Paul McCartney's music publishing company, MPL Music Publishing
  • Much more music and other stuff on the way....

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FEATURED CD'S (click for info.)

Robert Wait Dear Significant Other CD

Robert Wait "Dear Significant Other"

Tin Man Alley Public Display Of Affliction CD

Tin Man Alley "Public Display Of Affliction"